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Any other way to get Vietnam visa than go through embassy

Posted by Admin in category of Vietnam visa news

So far Vietnam has set up its Embassies and Consulates in a number of countries. Yet there are people from almost every country in the world wishing to visit Vietnam

To facilitate people in getting Vietnam visa, the Immigration Department of Vietnam has promulgated a convenient visa type: Visa on arrival which allows international travelers to Vietnam to apply for Vietnam visa approval online, and then get their Vietnam visa stamped on their arrival at Vietnam airport.

Since the activation of Vietnam visa on arrival type, the major trend of getting Vietnam visa no longer source Embassies and Consulates of Vietnam as the preferred way. With Visa on arrival, people wishing to enter Vietnam just need to send their Vietnam visa application online, wait for visa approval by the Immigration Department of Vietnam (a letter of visa approval will be granted to the requesting people then), and stamp visa when they land in Vietnam airport.

Besides the convenience the visa on arrival brings about, it also saves time and money for people applying for Vietnam visa. It is estimated that the on arrival visa is at least 20% cheaper than the visa obtained by going through Embassy.

It is note-worthy that the on arrival type is only applicable for air travelers no on arrival visa is issued at Vietnamese land or sea borders.

To start applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, please refer to Apply online page.

For further information on the other way to get Vietnam than go through Embassy, please contact us