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Vietnam visa for US citizens

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In order to process Vietnam entry visa, all US owns at least 6 month valid passport since their date on arrival to Vietnam. You can choose one of following ways:


Option 1: Applying for a visa on arrival to Vietnam from US online. US citizens may apply for both tourist and business visa to Vietnam for the stay of 1 to 3 months from US. All procedure for applying visa entry has been done on this website. And visa on arrival has been accepted by Vietnam Immigration Department since 2003.
Please fill the application form (in "Apply" on menu toolbar) for this option. 

Option 2: Visiting Vietnam embassy in US:

The Vietnamese Embassies and Consular Offices are the only Competent Government Agencies, who are authorized to issue visas abroad.

Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC, UNITED STATES 
Address: 1233, 20th St., NW, Suite 400, Washington DC, 20036, USA
Phone: (1-202) 861 073
Fax: 1-202) 861 0917

Visa Section of the Embassy: 
Opening hours: 9:30 – 12:30 Monday through Friday. 
Phone: (202) 861- 2293, (202) 861- 0694 and (202) 861- 0737 ext. 221, 222, 236, 237 during 10:00 – 12:00 AM and 2:30 – 5:30 PM Monday through Friday 
Fax: (202) 861- 1297 and (202) 861- 0917 

Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco, UNITED STATES 
Address: 1700 California St, Suite 430 San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: (1415) 922 1577
Fax: (1415) 922 1848

Vietnamese Public holidays in 2011

January/ 1st / 2011: New Year day
January /26th / 2011: Australian National Day
February / 2nd / 2011: The final day of the Lunar Year
February / 3rd / 2011: The first day of the new Lunar Year (Tet)
April / 30th / 2011: Reunification Day
May / 1st / 2011:  Labour International Day
September / 2nd : Vietnamese National Day