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The advantages of Vietnam visa on arrival

Nowadays, Vietnam visa on arrival becomes more popular. In order to get a visa to Vietnam, you can either come to Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your country or stay in your room, with smart phone or computer connected with internet. All the procedures now comes in your hand to get Vietnam visa. Thus, why to get Vietnam visa on arrival ? Let us compare these competitive advantages for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Way to get Vietnam visa Vietnam visa at embassy Vietnam visa code Vietnam visa on arrival
What is it?

Visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy to get Vietnam visa

Apply Vietnam visa via a visa agent then get Vietnam visa stamped at one of nearest Vietnam Embassies

A Vietnam visa agent will take full responsible for getting your approval letter

How to get?

Show your valid passport and pay the fees. Waiting for few days to get Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport

Give us your information via email, make online payment then get the Vietnam visa code. Take this approval code to one of Vietnam Embassies to get visa promptly.

Submit your information via website or send the passport scan via email. Make payment and get the approval letter online. The visa will be stamped on the passport at the airport.

How long does
it take?

5 - 7 days 2 days 2 days

Visa on arrival has been so far the fastest, and cheapest way to get the visa to Vietnam. For your convenience, you can choose one of three methods above to get visa quickly and easily.

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