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Vietnam visa for Finland

Finnish citizens can apply for Vietnam visa from Finland, or from any other countries where they are staying or living in by selecting rapid visa online application. The visa on arrival is the easiest and cheapest way for the Finnish people getting the visa to Vietnam.

1. Vietnam and Finland relations

Vietnam and Finnish established their diplomatic ties on January 25, 1973. As one of the first Western European which have established its diplomatic relations with Vietnam, Finland always supports Vietnam during the past period of economic embargo and the current process of national construction and development.

In 2007, Vietnam was one of the two Asian countries, which continued to be considered a major partner in terms of development cooperation with Finland.

Priority given to bilateral cooperation in poverty reduction focuses on three areas of general rural development, water supply and waste treatment and capacity building and reform assistance.

Apart from bilateral cooperation channel, Finland has also assisted Vietnam in the form of multilateral cooperation with the EU Commission, United Nations agencies, international financial organisations like the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank (WB), non-governmental organisations and the Mekong River Commission.

2. Getting the Vietnam visa from Finland

Vietnam Immigration policy regulates that all Finland passport holders need to apply for visa for Vietnam before entering the countries. From Finland, you can get a visa to Vietnam by two 2 options:

1. Get Vietnam visa on arrival: Visa on arrival is beneficial for those who live far away from the Vietnamese embassies and do not wish to send their passports away by postal mail.
- Issuing unit: Vietnam Immigration Department
- Processing time: 1 to 2 working days
- No passport sendoff required
- How it works? You go online at, fill in the secured form, and just wait 36 hour to 2 working days (normal service) or within 1 working day (urgent service) to get your Visa approval letter via email. Taking this letter of approval, your passport, 2 photos and US$25 (for single entry)/ US$50 (for multiple entry) as stamping fee to get your visa at airport. Further information, please visit application process or contact with us.

2. Get Vietnam entry visa at Vietnam Embassy in Finland:
- Issuing unit: Vietnam Embassy
- Processing time: 4 to 5 working days
- Your original passport required

Embassy of Vietnam in Helsinki, Finland
Address: Aleksanterinkatu 15A, 00100, Helsinki
Phone: +358-9- 622 99
Fax: +358 9 622 99 0
Your Email:

However, visa getting at Vietnam Embassy tends to consume more time and money. There are a lot of our clients choose applying for Vietnam visa online to avoid bureaucratic barriers and nuisance there. To get more information about the Vietnam visa on arrival, please refer to Vietnam visa on arrival and FAQ page.

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