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Vietnam visa for Uruguay

Uruguayan citizens can apply for Vietnam visa from Uruguay, or from any other countries where they are staying or living in by selecting rapid visa online application. The visa on arrival is the easiest and cheapest way for the Uruguayan people getting the visa to Vietnam.

1. Vietnam and Uruguay relations

Vietnam and Uruguay established diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level on August 11th 1993. The Vietnamese Embassy in Argentina also covers Uruguay and the Uruguayan Embassy in Malaysia also covers Vietnam. Uruguay's Ambassador to Malaysia Pablo Sade presented his credentials in August 2007.

In 2005, Vietnam and Uruguay finished negotiations on Vietnam's accession to the WTO. In 2007, Uruguay backed Vietnam to become a UN Security Council non-permanent member in the 2008-2009 term. The Uruguayan President pay an official visit to Vietnam in November 2007; on this occasion, the two nations signed the Agreement of Framework Cooperation at governmental level, an Agreement on Visa Exemption for diplomatic and official passport holders and an MOU on the establishment of political consultation mechanism between the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

The economic and trade relations between the two countries remain limited, but the two sides have much potential to develop, especially in the fields of mining, construction, agricultural-aquatic product processing industry, cement and paper, etc. Vietnam can export products in light industries such as electrical goods and household electronics to Uruguay.

Vietnam exports sport shoes, electric fans, motorcycle spare parts, water pumping machinery and garments to Uruguay and imports soybean powder and oil, beef, wheat, maize, leather, wood and cotton from the Latin American country.

2. Getting the Vietnam visa from Uruguay

Vietnam Immigration policy regulates that all Uruguay passport holders need to apply for visa for Vietnam before entering the countries. From Uruguay, you can get a visa to Vietnam by two 2 options:

1. Get Vietnam visa on arrival: Visa on arrival is beneficial for those who live far away from the Vietnamese embassies and do not wish to send their passports away by postal mail.
- Issuing unit: Vietnam Immigration Department
- Processing time: 1 to 2 working days
- No passport sendoff required
- How it works? You go online at, fill in the secured form, and just wait 36 hour to 2 working days (normal service) or within 1 working day (urgent service) to get your Visa approval letter via email. Taking this letter of approval, your passport, 2 photos and US$25 (for single entry)/ US$50 (for multiple entry) as stamping fee to get your visa at airport. Further information, please visit application process or contact with us.

2. Get Vietnam entry visa at Vietnam Embassy in Uruguay:
At present, there is no information about the Embassy of Vietnam in Uruguay. However, Icelandic citizens or residents living in Uruguay can still apply for a Vietnam visa by choosing between two following options:
- Visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy in the neighboring country to apply for a visa by yourself, or
- Apply for Vietnam visa online for a visa on arrival (picked up at the arrival airport in Vietnam) within 2 working days at the cheap cost from $10 only.

Apply for Vietnam visa from neighboring countries: