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Fill the online form
Fill in the secured online form. It takes only a couple of minutes to complete.

Confirm and pay
Confirm the information for processing visa and pay the service fee.

Get your approval letter
Get the visa approval letter within 1 or 2 working days via email.

Get your visa stamped
Bring the approval letter, your passport, 2 photos, exit and entry form and stamping fee to get your visa stamped at the arrival airports.



Thank you very much for your very fast and reliable service. I used to be worried about the legitimacy of this kind of visa, but now I completely satisfy with this. I make sure that I will employ your service again in next trip to Vietnam...


Julian Suirsky, United States

How long does it take to get the approval letter?

Those who travel to Vietnam by air, or have too little time preparing before departing to Vietnam are advised to apply for Vietnam visa online as it is cheaper, quicker, more convenient, and secured. It takes 2 working days maximum for visa completion and delivery

1. Apply for Vietnam visa upon arrival

It takes 2 working days (normal service) at the maximum to get Vietnam visa approval letter after your final confirmation of payment and provision of adequate information for processing Vietnam visa. For urgent processing, the approval letter can be processed and delivered within 1 working days, 4 hours or even 2 hours. Once you have got Vietnam visa approval on hand, you are ready to get Vietnam visa stamped any time on arrival at Vietnam airports.

In urgent cases, you are able to have the approval letter within the time frame below.

- Same day processing (1 working day): If you submit your application and pay the fee before 12.00 PM Vietnam time on a working day (Monday to Friday), we will send you the letter of approval by 18:00 PM on the same working day.

- Next day processing (2 working days): If you submit your application and pay the fee before 12.00 PM Vietnam time on a Working day (Monday-Friday), we will send you the letter of approval by 18:00 PM on the following (next) working day.

- 4 hours processing: If you submit your application and complete the payment before 8:00 AM Vietnam time, the approval letter will be delivered by 12:00 PM Vietnam time or submit the application at 1:00 PM Vietnam time to get the approval letter delivered by 5:00 PM Vietnam time.

All application must be submitted before or in working hours (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Vietnam time latest)

Current Vietnam time, click here

2. Apply for Vietnam visa in Embassies or Consulates

It takes averagely 3 to 5 days, sometimes a whole week as they need time to check your information and your passport and your other related information before approving and stamping visa.

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